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Robin Hart

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My family is from Scotland, along the coast to the east of Edinburgh not far from Prestonpans, East Lothian. It’s a quiet place, a fishing town, but we have a claim to fame. Back in 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie had a set-to with a rag-tag army of George II’s Redcoats and, as you could say, kicked their arse.

These days I live in Lincolnshire, with my wife and two dragons currently disguising themselves as cats – something to do with worship and pampering being far more enjoyable than all that pillaging.

I’ve no impressive credentials to validate my writing, other than the years, decades, I spent reading across anything to do with fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and just about everything that wasn’t part of the mundane world.

The Bloodfire Chronicles are my first foray into writing Urban Fantasy, a genre I've loved for many years but never - until now - felt ready to write.

I hope you enjoy them.

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